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Keep Your People and Company Safe.

Legal requirements for contractors never stop changing. Stay on top of training, risk management, and other compliance obligations more reliably with help from our expert team.

Stay compliant
with confidence

Train employees
more effectively and easily


manage risk

How are you dealing with the risks associated with your business?

Employee Training

Employees must be trained
in order to maintain a safe, productive workplace.

Insurance and Legal

Insurance and legal
requirements require
constant attention.

Risk Management Strategy

Falling behind on any risk
need can
spell disaster.

Propel Consulting makes it easier for
contractors to stay compliant and safe.

As legal, compliance, safety, and risk management experts, we
can serve on three different levels:



Consulting and Advising

With more than 50 years of combined expertise, our team of lawyers, training experts, and other risk management pros will help you create systems and process to protect your people and your business.



Design and Execution

To make things even easier, our team can step in and work alongside yours, creating and running required training programs.



Outsourced Compliance Department

Let Propel Consulting take compliance and safety completely off your plate by making us your outsourced risk management department. We'll give you back the time and energy you need to focus on your real job.

Propel Consulting Serves You

General Contractors

Trade Subcontractors

Facility Services Contractors

Legal & Insurance Service Teams

The Path to Safety



Our team will help you find areas of concern and opportunities for improved corporate safety.



We will customize the compliance systems, training programs, and other required risk control processes.



With necessary protocols in place and working, you can rest assured that your company is secure.


Your Guide to Simpler Compliance

Too many contractors struggle to effectively manage risk and compliance. That's not just a problem on paper. Outdated training can compromise workplace safety, leading to injury, even death.

Companies that lack the resources for legal compliance matters are risking more than just money. A lot more.

Propel Consulting exists to make it easier for contractors to stay safe, compliant, and legal. Our mission is to give you confidence that your people and your business are protected.

We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the legal, safety, and risk management fields. That allows us to serve clients where they need it most: from consulting to implementation to complete outsourced risk management. Sleep better at night knowing your risk is always being minimized, and that your company is safe.

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OSHA Inspections: How to Protect Your Business

Not every risk is obvious, and some are downright hard (or impossible) to see. But that doesn't make them any less dangerous.

Download our FREE guide "OSHA Inspections: How to Protect Your Business" today, and prevent yourself from being hit by one of these silent threats.

Propel Your Company to Security

Reclaim all the time and effort spent on compliance, and reinvest it in your business. Propel Consulting will give you the confidence you need to get back to work, safely.

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